Sitemap Mano VGTU Medeinė


The Faculty has ten departments, three faculty research laboratories, three departments research laboratories and one educational laboratory.
The departments' fields of scientific interests and curated study programmes include Informatics (the Department of Information Technology, the Department of Information Systems, and the Department of Graphic Systems), Biotechnology (the Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering), Mathematics (the Department of Mathematical modeling), Statistics (the Department of Mathematical Statistics).
Although the scientific activities of both the Department of Strength of Materials and the Department of Theoretical Mechanics are related to mechanical engineering and mechanics, the two departments together with the Department of Mathematical Modeling realize Techno-mathematics study programme. The Department of Physics is realizing its own second cycle Solar Cells and Modules study programme.
The Department of Graphic Engineering curates the postgraduate (the second cycle) degree programme of Information Technologies with Engineering and Computer Graphics specialization.
The main activities of the Faculty's Nuclear Hydro-physics Science Laboratory are the monitoring of environmental hydro-ecological conditions, research of changes in UV radiation and ozone. The Information Systems Research Laboratory is engaged in information systems and databases design, development and expertise. The core activities of the Numerical modeling Science Laboratory are related to design and development of software for technological processes modeling. The task of the Computing Technology Educational Laboratory is to maintain the work of computer classes and the Faculty's computer network.

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