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Presently in the department are employed:
  • 5 professor
  • 7 associate professors
  • 7 lectors
  • 3 assistant
Currently department has 10 doctoral students.
Workplaces of department employees are:
SRL-I 413 – head of the department prof. D. Mažeika.
A Brief History of the Department
The predecessor of the Department of Information Systems Engineering Department of Computer Science was established in 1987. In the first year of general informatics course has been called many names – technics of calculation, computing machinery and programming, information technology. The biggest enthusiast and promoter of this course was prof. D. Maciulevičius. He was the head of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Department and he was responsible for bringing the lecturers of this discipline together.

After the reorganization of Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering department the Information Technology department was established.  It belonged to the Faculty of Mechanical technology. The first head of the department was doc. A. Saulis. Teachers who taught students basic IT were transferred into the new department. Most of the teachers in the direction of scientific work at the time were not formulated. The Lectures and the head of the Department were thinking about new Information specialty in University because of that were invited experts from the Academy of Sciences of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics .

In 1993 were established Fundamental Sciences Faculty, the Department was renamed the Engineering Informatics. Then starting designed Engineering Information first cycle (Bachelor) studies and some for second cycle (Master) studies. The time showed that informatics is becoming one of the most popular and promising specialties. It`s students threatened unemployment, most of them find a good job still studying. It shows a good perspective and encourages the Department to move forward.  Since 1993 Engineering Information Department began to prepare computer science engineering students. Since 1998 the head of the Department was habil. Dr. Prof. P. G. Adomėnas. The Engineering Information Students learn about computers purposes, types, structure, hardware and software equipment, make acquaintance with a data structures, algorithms, mathematical and engineering packages.

In 1999 Department of Engineering Informatics database created two departments, which are Information   systems and Information technology. The main reason for this step is greater number of students, who interested in Information and another Engineering studies.

In 2000 were introduced specialization directions for Engineering Information students. Department creates Information Systems specialization for students who intend to become information systems analysts, designers and administrators. Later in Department of Information Systems studies can be continued in Information Systems graduate program. 

Since 2006 Department of Information Systems running one more program for Second Cycle (Master) Studies, which is Information systems software engineering .

Since 2009 the head of the Department of Information Systems is Doc. Dr. Dalius Mažeika
Services we offer:
  • Consultancy in information system modelling
  • Consultancy in information technologies in freight transportation
  • Refreshing courses in information systems engineering
  • Refreshing courses in knowledge of engineering and management
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