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Department of Physics of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University is a subdivision of the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences responsible for thorough assimilation of knowledge of physics. Two structure subdivisions belong to Department of Physics: Laboratory of Physics and Radiation research laboratory.
The department does not pursue a separate bachelor’s degree study program however it supervises the final theses of the bachelors of Technomathematics study program. Since 2011 the master’s degree study program Solar cells and Modules engineering is pursued.
The main subject supervised by the department is physics. The subject is taught in various scopes for students of bachelor’s degree studies in major faculties, except the faculties of Business Management.
The subjects taught by the Department of Physics are provided with teaching material: text books and educational books (in paper and electronic versions), the methodology of laboratory works (in paper and electronic versions) are published.
The way of Physics Department’ since first steps till nowadays
The origin of Physics Department as a separate subdivision of higher technical school was the personnel of Physics Methodical Commission at Electronics Department of Vilnius branch of Kaunas Polytechnological Institute (organized in 1964). Its head was senior teacher Hilda Gutmanienė.
 In 1965, a graduate of Vilnius University, PhD in sciences of physics and mathematics Edmundas  Mauza was elected to be the first head of the Department of Physics  and served in this position until 1975.
If the first decade of the department’s existence was the period of its development and elevation of scientific qualification of young researches and teachers, while for the second decade (1975 to 1985)  particularly efficient research and educational activity is inherent. This term, assoc. professor Antanas Urbelis served as a head of the department.
Since 1985 to 1995 the department was led by professor Juozas Jakimavičius. In this period, especially intensive educational-methodical activity was run, the study programs were reformed, much attention and room was spared for individual studies of students, and the educational laboratories were rearranged.
In 1995, professor  Antanas Česnys was elected the head of  the Physics Department. Under his leadership, the department’s collective was searching for the new forms of the development of educational and research work. An attempt to use the integration of research and educational institutions was done.
Since 2007 professor dr. Artūras Jukna is the head of the department.
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