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Research fields

The Faculty of Fundamental Sciences researchers are engrossed in the following areas of scientific research:
  • Information systems and technologies: intellectualized information systems architecture; ontology engineering; business information systems; e-commerce technologies; internet information technologies; imaging technologies in engineering design; new design methods development and application in information systems engineering; graphic information systems modeling applying engineering technologies.
  • The asymptotic analysis of various statistical distributions and the application of statistical analysis methods in finance, economics, engineering, medicine and biology.
  • The parallel numerical methods of physical and technological processes models.
  • The computer simulation of non-local environmental processes and objects.
  • The theoretical and experimental study of physical processes in semiconductors and other nanostructures.
  • Materials structure and properties research.
  • Inhomogeneous structures modeling applying the discrete elements method.
  • The development and application of computational mechanics methods.
  • The modeling of structural elements decay.
  • The analysis of structures discretized by finite elements and the development of optimization methods.
  • Biotechnological processes research, modeling and management.
  • Radiation research and forecast of natural processes.
  • The survey of technical documentation standards and their application in Lithuania.
  • The research and optimization of fundamental subjects study process at a technical university.
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