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Fundamental Sciences Studies Study programmes

Study programmes

Engineering Informatics
Program description: 
  • Faculty: Faculty of Fundamental Sciences
  • State Code: 612I13002
  • ISCED Code: 64641
  • Name of qualification: Bachelor of Informatics
  • Level of qualification: University first cycle (undergraduate, Bachelor' s) studies 
  • Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ) level: VI
  • Official length of programme: Four years studies, 240 credits
  • Access requirements: Secondary, advanced or any other corresponding education
  • Mode of studies: Continual studies
  • Programme objectives and competencies acquired: Bachelor is ready to provide information technology (IT) continuity - optimize costs by automating existing IT governance processes to create a flexible IT services - to improve IT productivity, IT management through forecasting method to manage risk and compliance with the requirements of IT environments - to ensure data integrity and application integration.
  • Access to further study: Access to the second cycle studies
  • Professional status: Bachelor could continue education at master level or could join IT market.
Information and Information Technologies Security

Program description: 

  • University second cycle (graduate, Master' s) studies 
  • Faculty: Faculty of Fundamental Sciences
  • State code: 621E14007
  • Official length and form of programme (length in years): 120 credits, Continual studies (two years studies)
  • Level of qualification and (or) professional qualification: Master of Informatics Engineering
  • Level of qualification: VII level
  • Access requirements: Bachelor degree or its equivalent